System 03 July 2019

Expand your systems with our new Add:io

System 03 July 2019

New powerful EXOcompact models

System 03 July 2019

System news that makes you ready to meet the future!

System 27 October 2017

New expansion units

System 30 March 2017

Configure your EXO controller with a new touch screen

System 30 March 2017

Say hello to the new updated version of EXO 2017

System 08 September 2016

New 3G router

System 07 September 2016

EXOscada Cloud Service

System 08 June 2016

Our solution for optimal systems

System 07 June 2016

Integrator meeting in Strasbourg

System 11 May 2016

Check out EXOtrend! The real time chart in the new edition of EXO 2016

System 22 March 2016

We now launch EXOclever, a brand new series of freely programmable controllers featuring a revolutionary design

System 08 December 2015

EXOdos – the new generation of heating control

System 03 June 2015

EXO 2015 is here!

System 11 June 2014

Third generation EXOcompact in our demo case give you increased communication possibility

System 11 June 2014

Distributed I/O modules for even more flexibility

System 11 June 2014

EXOcompact with new communication port makes M-Bus connection easy

System 27 January 2014

The new EXOcompact, now also featuring BACnet communication

System 13 September 2013

The third generation of our freely programmable controllers is here

Take one look at EXOcompact and you have seen the future

System 13 September 2013

We raise the curtain, here is the new EXOscada

– Read about the features of EXOscada and make use of its advantages.
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