Misc 03 October 2016

University of Helsinki project: remarkable yet unnoticed

Misc 23 September 2016

Regin to go on tour with Swedish minister

Misc 21 September 2016

Networking strengthens business and development

Misc 13 September 2016

Focusing on hotel energy solutions in Asia

Misc 20 June 2016

Kick start your Ready-Steady-Go summer with our quick and easy recipes

Misc 02 June 2016

Digital migration to help entire industry evolve

Misc 11 May 2016

European target places great demands on climate control systems

Misc 10 May 2016

A simple solution to an overwhelming challenge

Misc 28 April 2016

Meet us at ISK-Sodex in Istanbul – 4-7 May 2016

Misc 25 April 2016

Taking a historic gem into the future

Misc 20 April 2016

A winning strategy saving millions

Misc 07 April 2016

Congratulations to all Regin Energy Saver Award Winners!

Misc 31 March 2016

Energy Saver Award winners crowned at Nordbygg – these are the nominees

Misc 22 March 2016

Climate is everything at the Winery Hotel

Misc 22 February 2016

An award for those who make a difference

Misc 15 January 2016

The new English catalogue is available

Misc 18 December 2015

We wish all of our customers, partners and suppliers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Misc 09 December 2015

The Paris Climate Change Conference – Many buildings are overlooked energy thieves

Misc 23 November 2015

Regin at the ACRA 54th Anniversary Dinner

Misc 10 November 2015

Film and Regin on tour gives unique possibilities

Partnerships that strengthen innovation and competitiveness
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