Congratulations to all Winners!

The jury consisted of representatives from leading companies in the business and the Swedish Energy Agency.

All winners – the entire list

The energy saving solution of the year

Project: Schenker integrated solutions, Sweden

Nominees: JoTe Systems & Lorentzons Styr AB

Excerpt from jury citation:

The project has contributed to energy savings in several buildings throughout Sweden for an entire decade. So far, the project has generated savings of 100 million Swedish crowns through small-scale energy solutions with intelligent lighting concepts as well as control of heating and ventilation – and the journey continues!



The most future-oriented solution of the year

Project: The Norwegian parliament building, Norway
Jote Systems

Nominees: Elektro-Tek & Systeminstallation


Excerpt from jury citation:

The winner is a project that was started as early as 1987, but is still every bit as modern thanks to future-proof technology. The integrator always has future-proof solutions in mind and incorporates flexibility and compatibility in every step of the development, guaranteeing the solution will work for many, many more years to come.



The ready-steady-go installation of the year

Project: Arman Complex Building, Iran

Winner: Aria Atsez Building Automation

Nominees: Reglerteknik 2000 BV & Lindsténs Elektriska AB

Excerpt from jury citation:

The winner is a project that saw the automation of a very large and advanced building without a single programmer being physically present. The standardised solution handled both simple and advanced applications and minimised all error sources during commissioning, service and maintenance. The solution can also easily be upgraded in the future if needed.