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EXOcompact Eedo

EXOcompact Eedo is a 230 V AC freely programmable controller. The controller provides built-in communication via EXOline, Modbus or BACnet for integration into EXOscada or other SCADA systems. It can be used either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a larger system. The controller is well suited to act as a room controller and connects seamlessly to the room units in Regin’s ED-RU-… series.

Product specifications
Supply voltage 230 V ~ (207…253 V ~ 50/60 Hz)
Power consumption 11 VA
Protection class IP20
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Artnr XCE163W-1
Ethernet ports
RS485 ports


Replacement battery
Artnr FMK2
Front mounting kit, 12 modules
Cable for USB connection
Artnr TP-AE
Terminal protection kit for Ardo and Eedo controllers
Artnr ED-T7
External touch screen display
Artnr E3-DSP
External display
Artnr EDSP-K3
Cable length
3 m
Artnr EDSP-K10
Cable length
10 m
Cable splitter for connecting two display units to one controller