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Humidity/temperature transmitter ±2 % RH, for harsh environments

Transmitter for relative humidity and temperature measurement in climate and air handling installations. HTWT10(-420) has high accuracy (±2 % RH) and excellent temperature compensation. It has very good protection against condensation and pollution, is easy to mount and has a robust sensor element.

Product specifications
Working range Humidity: 0...100 % RH. Temperature: -40...+60°C.
Accuracy, humidity ±2 % RH (0…90 % RH), ±3 % RH (90…100 % RH)
Accuracy, temperature ±0.2 K at 20°C
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Artnr HTWT10
Supply voltage
15...29 V AC or 15...35 V DC
Output signal
0…10 V DC
Supply voltage
20…30 V DC
Output signal
4…20 mA
Artnr HVS
Supply voltage
Output signal