North Pole workshop facility
The North Pole



The challenge:

An anonymous client appeared with an urgent mission involving climate control of 2300 secret workshop facilities.


Special requirements

  • No programmers may disrupt ongoing activities.
  • Option to log kindness data of children.
  • Only integrators/installers who were good all year round were considered suitable for the project.
  • Stable indoor climate for extreme flow of goods during a short period of time (24 hours). Nothing may risk deliveries running late.
  • Precise control of ventilation in premises intended for reindeer as well as in wish list storages.


Solution & products:

- 1500 x Corrigo Christmas
- CLOUDigo Claus
The pre-programmed controllers were quickly installed and then simply monitored remotely via the cloud service CLOUDigo Claus.


- Arrigo Santa
Using the Arrigo Santa web portal, kind acts in the younger population stratum could be registered, documented and monitored with an unlimited degree of accuracy.


Rudolph RED Installations



- 1500 Corrigo Christmas

- CLOUDigo Claus

- Arrigo Santa



Amber Expo - Gdansk, Poland

Airbus Military pilot school - Sevilla, Spain

Barwas parking area for trucks - Qatar

Becton & Dickinson - Singapore

BO01 Building Expo - Malmö, Sweden

Brescia university - Italy

Bromma Airport - Stockholm, Sweden

Car distributors - Scandinavia

Centro Tecnológico Avanzado for Renewable Energy - Almeira, Spain

Charles de Gaulle Airport - Paris, France

Chi Lin Nunery - Hong Kong

Colleges - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dairy - Mlekara ad-Šabac, Serbia

Dexa Medica - Palembang, Indonesia

EEMS Singapore - Singapore

Erfurt University - Erfurt, Germany

Fisher & Paykel Appliances - Rayong, Thailand

Ford factory - Craiova, Romania

Girls college - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Globen district - Stockholm, Sweden

Harsen laboratory - Jakarta, Indonesia

Hau Giang Pharmaceutical - Vietnam

IBA Valresa Boya factory - Ankara, Turkey

IHM Business School – Göteborg, Sweden

IMAX cinema - Bucharest, Romania

Institute of Technical Education - Singapore

International Fair in Lodz - Lodz, Poland

Inzign Pharmaceutical - Singapore

Istanbul Congress Valley - Istanbul, Turkey

Kungsbron - Stockholm, Sweden

Landvetter Airport - Göteborg, Sweden

LiLi Pharmaceutical - Vietnam

Macau Escola Tong Nam - Macau, China

McNeil pharmaceutical factory - Helsingborg, Sweden

Meiden Singapore - Singapore

Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater - Istanbul, Turkey

Musashi Auto Part - Jakarta, Indonesia

Musical Theater - Gdynia, Poland

Nanyang Technological University - Singapore

Nersingen bei Ulm school - Ulm, Germany

Parmacotto - Italy

Pfizer - Sweden

Philips Singapore - Singapore

Retegs webservice - The Netherlands

Riddarholmen - Stockholm, Sweden

Rise’n’Shine factory - Puni, India

Salumificio - Italy

Silicon Labs - Singapore

Suntech Power - Wuxi, China

Slaughterhouse - Spuž, Montenegro

Stepnor - Lille, France

Sturup Airport - Malmö, Sweden

Tallinn University - Tallinn, Estonia

Thai CRT - Bangkok, Thailand

Up Flow PTE  - Quang Minh, Vietnam

Waste treatment center Isséane - Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Zorn Museum - Mora, Sweden