Professional partners



Regin does not perform installations.
Instead, we offer a network of certified integrators who are responsible for planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance. The integrators are certified, after training at the Regin Academy. You can choose the integrator you want to work with - they all compete under the same conditions.


Regin Gold Certified Integrators

• Handle all of Regin's products and systems.
• Are RGCI certified by the Regin Academy and have completed all of the courses.
• Have access to reference plants (for study visits).
• Have access to extensive technical support from Regin.



Regin Certified Integrators

• Primarily handle Regin's system products.
• Are RCI certified by the Regin Academy and have completed courses in Regin's systems.
• Can advance to RGCI - Gold Certified Integrator by taking all of the courses.




Our products and systems are kept in stock by distributors in about 70 countries around the world. They are responsible for marketing the products locally to consultants, installation engineers, property companies as well as to companies working with integration and system solutions. 


Regin Certified Distributors

• Represent Regin's basic range (not systems and system products)
• Have a good knowledge of Regin's products and brand.
• Can advance to RCD after training at the Regin Academy

Regin certified partner

Do you want to become a certified Regin partner? Email us at info[at] or call +46 (0)31 720 02 00. 

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