A team of specialists who listen and commit

Our job is to help you reach your goals. We listen, commit, and stretch ourselves for you. In order for your projects to run smoothly, we have banned all bureaucracy. You will be in direct contact with the project leader, who is responsible for the project. The projectleader has a team of specialists behind, who can be consulted when needed. Members of your organisation will be in direct contact with these. We will do anything we can to make things easy for you.

Regin offers:

• Project leaders with technical and commercial competence
• Access to specialists within every area from design to programming
• Purchasing department with a wide network • Technical support/helpdesk

Specialists who build up systems

Many products are intended to be used in a system, which makes remote control, remote reading and alarm handling important. Competence to integrate products into systems is required at the installation. The vulnerability after breakdown is often great and fast service is required. We have a unique network of Certified Integrators, who handle these problems for you. They have extensive competence and experi- ence and can offer a wide range of services, from planning and project management to programming, installation, maintenance and service. To become certified, they have passed our basic courses and continue to take courses within specific areas. This means that your customers can feel safe. Satisfied customers is an important competitive mean.

Regin provides: 

• Installation, commissioning
• Solutions for integration
• Maintenance and service
• Responsibility for operation

Information for OEM customers