Misc 13 November 2018

Vietnamese pharmaceutical factory gets the right prescription

Misc 13 November 2018

It's getting colder - here are some useful tips!

Misc 14 October 2018

Regin debates bad indoor climate in schools

Misc 14 October 2018

Patrik makes you CLOUDigo clever

Misc 13 September 2018

We go green – now we are introducing our Greenline range!

Misc 05 July 2018

Regin with Swedish delegation on Chinese roadshow

Misc 26 June 2018

Intelligent teams know how to save energy to last the whole game!

Misc 15 June 2018

Green is the color of the future

Misc 15 June 2018

Valve series available in MagiCloud

Misc 01 June 2018

Regin enters the MagiCloud BIM library

Misc 15 May 2018

The ventilation solution that saved an entire school

Misc 02 May 2018

Awards will contribute to sustainable forestry in the Amazon

Misc 27 April 2018

Substantial energy savings and high return on investments in building automation project

Misc 27 April 2018

CLOUDigo facilitates building management and pays off quickly

Misc 12 April 2018

Here are the winners of the Regin Energy Saver Awards

Misc 09 April 2018

Regin Energy Saver Award winners receive climate compensation

- awards will support sustainable forestry in the Amazon

Misc 06 April 2018

Meet the nominees in the 2018 Regin Energy Saver Awards

Misc 05 April 2018

Understand your energy data with Arrigo-EMS

Misc 05 April 2018

Hello there...

Misc 05 April 2018

Professor and automation expert joins Energy Saver Awards jury: Building automation with a focus on people

Misc 31 March 2018

Stefan Lindgren new jury member Energy Saver Awards: Buildings and the fourth wave of Internet

Misc 29 March 2018

Experience sustainable control systems in Regin's stand at Nordbygg, the 10th-13th of April

-We guide you in our IoT-solutions and present upcoming product news

Misc 20 March 2018

Regin makes use of energy in India more efficient – for a sustainable future

Misc 23 February 2018

We are launching our brand new tracking service!

Misc 23 February 2018

Nordbygg 2018

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