Here you find tools to make your workingday easier!

Application Tool

Windows-based software for Regin's range of configurable controllers

CLOUDigo – The easiest way to control your installations

For the user who wants complete control of the buildings' indoor climate at all times, CLOUDigo is the tool of choice. Our web-based platform can always be reached both by you and your colleagues regardless of your physical location.

Try CLOUDigo by logging on to our demo site,

Account: ReginDemo

User name: ReginSe

Password: exo

The BIM library MagiCloud

A wide range of Regin products are available in the MagiCloud BIM library. MagiCloud is a free service providing its users with access to the world’s largest online library of manufacturer-certified BIM objects for projects in electrical and HVAC installations. Click to go to MagiCloud!

A helpful tool for you: The valve sizing calculator

Do you need guidance in choosing the right valve? Click to go to our valve sizing calculator