Time and cost-effective control of heating systems in public and commercial buildings

Time and cost-effective control of heating systems in public and commercial buildings

Heating is important for creating healthy and comfortable environments for people in different spaces – from homes to work places and spaces for recreation. Heating also supports critical industrial processes and prevents condensation. A smart, easy-to install and future proof control system considerably increases the value of any real-estate investment.

At Regin, we offer a tailor-made heating portfolio with everything needed to design your specific heating system.

In our offer we have combined the most efficient tools from Building Energy Management System, freely programmable and configurable heating controllers and software to smart components – all of them focusing on enabling efficient business for our customers through cost-and time efficient installation, commissioning and maintenance.

With one of the most complete offers on the market, we can provide the right solution, whether you are looking for heating control in residential buildings or if you are in need of a full-scale freely programmable automation system that servers larger spaces that can be divided into different offices or departments with specific climate requirements.

Configurable controllers for time-saving installation

Exigo has been developed to be your perfect companion for any challenge where the answer is efficient, intelligent heating solutions and energy savings. The Exigo heating controllers are available in models with 24 V or 230 V, prepared to handle a wide variety of applications from district heating systems to boilers, solar circuits, and buffer tanks with one or several heating circuits. The configurable heating controllers contain loads of smart time-saving features that make it possible to get started in no time. Exigo heating systems are easy and very cost-efficient to design, install, commission, and expand – all according to your specific requirements.

Application tool - your way to fast commissioning

Application tool gives system integrators access to Exigo's preset application templates. Configure the system in no time and add smart functions, such as effect-limitation, monitoring of energy consumption or connect the system to wireless sensors for more precise heating control.

Configuration based on predefined templates makes commissioning easy and saves time

There are endless possibilities with the configurable controller Exigo. Here you find some useful predefined examples available for easy configuration. They can be downloaded from the web as atf-files. The atf-files can be used in Application tool for further modification and adaptation, or they may be directly downloaded into the controller.

Cloud-based technology for remote control of your systems

We offer flexible and time-saving BMS solutions based on cloud technology. Our IoT-based cloud service portal CLOUDigo developed in HTML5, may be connected to for example heating- or ventilation systems. It gives the user full access to values and charts in the computer, tablet or cell phone regardless of physical location and at a very low cost.

Get full access to all controllers to monitor logs and optimize values from your computer or device. CLOUDigo offers pedagogical flow charts with real-time data. The interfaces are permission-controlled for different users and the cloud-service has 13 months' logging.

Intuitive building management

Arrigo has many user-friendly features for real time data collection, visualization, monitoring and control of processes and events. By working with the extremely flexible platform, we provide support during the whole lifecycle of the building. We ensure that everyone, the building owner, caretaker and integrator, gets a customized user experience, minimizing the need for traditional administration.

The solution support a wide range of interfaces for communication protocols such as Modbus and BACnet and may be adapted to your specific application.

Regin’s Building Energy Management System offers smart workflows and highly efficient maintenance – it also makes way for long-term energy savings and creates motivated teams in every part of the organization. Regin BMS Solutions provides the window to your building data and is an intuitive tool for efficient building maintenance and long-term energy efficiency.

Freely programmable controllers

Our freely programmable controllers from our EXO-series can act as your central control system for your heating, as well as the building management of additional functions, such as ventilation, lighting control, etc. The controllers are built in a modular design and can handle all kinds of installations with a large number of inputs and outputs and high demands on communication and adaptability. Of course, we made it easy to increase the capacity and add more functions through IO-modules as soon as the need occurs.

Components for operational efficiency

At Regin you find field products, that will help you make your system as efficient as possible, regardless the heating source. For us, an efficient heating system is about much more than just the controller. It’s about finding possibilities for energy savings in every part of the solution.

Sensors for any requirements of your heating system

Any heating system requires a range of sensors that make it possible to fine-tune your system for optimum performance. At Regin you find various sensors and transmitters for temperature & humidity, thermostats and humidistats, as well as advanced wireless sensors for specific requirements.

Valves for high performance heating systems

Regin has a broad range of 2- and 3-way valves with fitting actuators in sizes from DN15 to DN200 with Kvs-values ranging from 0.25 to 550. There are various models, everything from small zone valves including pressure independent control valves (PICV´s) to flanged and large heating valves. At Regin you also find energy efficient valves with 0% leakage rate for long-term savings in your heating systems.

Energy meters

Connect energy meters to your building management system and measure energy consumption of any district heating system or heating system based on for instance radiators, underfloor heating or convector heating. They are also applicable in any system for production of domestic hot water. No matter your system composition, you can easily monitor and register any deviations to assure cost-efficiency.