An intuitive interface for all users!

Regin BMS Solutions is developed on the powerful Arrigo platform welcoming the user to an intuitive and modern interface that is enjoyable to work with. Regardless of whether you’re a Facility Manager or Energy Consultant, Arrigo gives you quick access to relevant data wherever you are, right in your mobile phone. Arrigo’s user interface is responsive and supports your workflow no matter if you’re on a large monitor, a laptop or a smart device. With Arrigo’s interface, it’s easy accessing your historical data and trends or just checking your to-do lists according to your own preferences. Maybe you can tick off things already on your way to work? Arrigo puts you in the front seat when managing your working day!

Adaptive Dashboards and intelligent widgets

In Arrigo’s interface there are many features supporting intelligent building automation and control. At the centre, there is a smart and adaptive Dashboard presenting only the relevant functions in your workflow and for your role and responsibility.

Arrigo’s user interface is also filled with smart functions called widgets. There are ready-made widgets for everything from managing alarms to monitoring energy trends, and not least, dynamic widgets that can easily be adapted to your specific needs. On the Dashboard, it’s easy to create shortcuts to the widgets you need to make your working-day run more smoothly.

By using the powerful Arrigo platform property owners and developers can create reliable, intelligent and energy-efficient buildings. The Arrigo platform is developed in close cooperation with facility owners looking for new ways to profit from effective maintenance and long-term energy savings.

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