Solutions that empower customers

At Regin, we believe in green and smart automation technology for climate control in buildings. Our solutions empower system integrators, manufacturers and facility owners, giving them the most efficient technology to save energy and time.

For people's well-being in a sustainable future

Proper ventilation, optimum air flow, quality of air and reduced energy consumption have become some of the most vital functions for the well-being of people. An intelligent building energy management system is a highly profitable investment opportunity that goes far beyond pure financial returns, as it contributes to health, well-being and productivity and minimizes carbon dioxide emissions.

It is all captured in our vision: People’s well-being in a sustainable future.

Empowering system integrators, OEM-customers and facility owners

Ever since Regin was founded in 1947 and launched its first product, a hygrostat, our very goal has been to create solutions that make work efficient for our customers. Today, we are more than 350 employees and offer complete solutions for efficient building energy management, heating, ventilation and room control. In all of these areas we perform OEM-projects. We have strong local presence through our locations and business units in Europe and Asia.

Our solutions are designed to save hours whether it is in installation, commissioning or maintenance. When solutions are easy to program or configure, everything fits together and you get full overview in user-friendly interfaces, it puts you in control. In an ever-so rapidly changing technological environment you can rely on Regin’s solutions to be future proof and scalable. Whether you are looking for a full-scale automated building energy management system to control your facility stock (BEMS) or if you want to integrate solutions for i.e. heating, ventilation or room control into your existing system, we provide you with time-efficient, tools and a strong support team – if you need it.

At Regin, close collaboration with manufacturers in OEM projects has resulted in unique, highly flexible development platforms with perfect conditions for cost-efficient product adjustments of our controllers and systems for air-handling units (AHUs), heating, room control and fire. This, in combination with our highly experienced OEM-team enables us to offer you professional support on all levels and the results you expect regarding costs, timeframes and product solutions. We bring your ideas into reality – always with focus on your need for cost-efficient production, maintenance and lifetime support.

For facility owners, our global network of certified system integrators provides you with the right connections for your specific project. A global reach with local presence creates possibilities for win-win business. Regin is your partner.

It’s all about putting you in control, while saving time and energy. To us, it’s about empowering our customers.


Our path ahead

We believe that the need for saving energy in buildings will be ever increasing. Moreover, the advantages of a productive indoor environment are more and more apparent and customer requirements are raising. At the same time buildings are becoming increasingly intelligent and interconnected. The possibilities of using the power of data provided by buildings and their environments are vast.

Key is to make use of this data while making things easy for the users of these systems. Regin is determined to be the enabler.