We go green – now we are introducing our Greenline range!

At Regin, we work towards constant streamlining with a strong focus on sustainability. As part of this strategy, we are now launching an environmental initiative aimed at reducing our long-term climate impact. To highlight this initiative, we have created Greenline – which means that selected existing Regin products in service rooms will change color into Regin green.

With our new Greenline range of products, we are committed to reducing our long-term climate impact through climate compensation. We have chosen to work with Tricorona Climate Partner to make substantial investments in various sustainability projects all over the world.
“Our contribution will directly relate to the size of our product range. As our Greenline range grows, so will our contribution to climate compensation projects. This means that, when you buy a green product, you join us on our journey towards a sustainable future”, says Leif Brattschöld, CEO at Regin Group.
The Greenline concept means that several of our products in service rooms will now be manufactured in Regin green, making our solutions easy to spot out in the field. Our corresponding white products in service rooms will be gradually phased out, with the color green serving as a reminder of our vision to create well-being for people in a sustainable future.
As a company, we also take a sustainable responsibility in our own internal processes – for instance when selecting suppliers, in order to shorten transport distances. We choose local production whenever possible and are actively striving to make our production processes even more efficient.
“We are proud to make our know-how, our commitment and our products contribute to sustainable building solutions which reduce energy consumption. Step by step, we work to become an increasingly sustainable company”, says Leif Brattschöld.