Swedish Business Association arranged a workshop where Regin presented smart heating solutions

Last week saw the opening of the 21st Aqua-Therm exhibition in Kyev, Ukraine – an event annually attracting approximately 25,000 unique visitors. Of course, representatives from Regin’s Kiev branch office were present, as well as the Swedish Business Association in Ukraine that works actively to strengthen relations between Sweden and Ukraine. As part of this work, a workshop on the theme "Swedish heating and cooling solutions” was organized.

In total, the workshop had approximately 50 participants - many of whom were representatives of various Ukrainian businesses, along with several advisors to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy. One major topic was district heating, an area in which Ukraine is facing some major investments. Existing systems are both relatively old and frequently neglected due to poor maintenance.

“Among other things, we looked at business models for comprehensive district heating systems, using Sweden as an example. We also discussed the Swedish energy model, which to a considerable extent consists of renewable energy and waste recycling – the latter of which is a considerable asset if handled properly”, says Peter Winberg, Country Manager at Regin, who also delivered one of several presentations held throughout the day.

The workshop also saw active discussion of Sweden’s contributions to development in Ukraine, not least when it comes to the transfer of know-how regarding energy efficient systems. “It was a very inspiring day, and it is always great to see how we can contribute to energy efficient solutions, as well as listening to other industry players”, says Peter Winberg.