Demand-controlled ventilation with precise pressure regulation - an investment that pays off

Demand-controlled ventilation (VAV) enables large savings and environmental benefits compared with traditional CAV systems, where only a constant airflow is regulated. Even if the initial cost is higher, you quickly get profitability in the investment. We have interviewed Fredrik Wahlberg, energy engineer and former energy consultant, who explains the facts.

“Regulating the amount of air in properties such as schools, office premises, and shops, where use and needs vary around the clock, can provide major energy savings. The key is to have control of the pressure,”says Fredrik. “The pandemic has caused society to change behavioral patterns around how we use our buildings. Then it can be a good thing to review the ventilation solution installed to ensure a healthy and environmentally efficient indoor climate. In cases where you have switched from continuous use of the building to more irregular periods, there may be money to be saved while ensuring fresh air when needed.”

Only a small reduction in air flow results in large energy savings

By measuring and controlling the pressure, the air flow can be regulated. This is the basis needed to adapt the amount of air to the needs of people and properties. Many people know that the relationship between air flow and pressure is squared. But the fact, that the relationship between the air flow and the electrical energy required to run the plant is often cubic ,is a fact that many are not as aware of.

This means that if the air flow can be reduced by 20%, then this gives a reduction of almost half of the electrical energy that the fan motor needs. If the air flow can be reduced by 30%, it will save electricity by almost 2/3. Additional savings have an even greater effect. In addition, the need for air heating is reduced, which also helps to increase energy savings.

Airflow Pressure Electric energy
-10% -19% -27%
-20% -36% -49%
-30% -51% -66%
-40% -64% -78%
-50% -75% -88%

Increased comfort, lower cost and reduced environmental impact

A healthy and productive environment is a prerequisite for high performance. By measuring the presence and CO2 content in the room, you can optimize the airflow based on the property's instantaneous needs. You simply use the ventilation when needed. In this way, we can ensure increased comfort at a lower cost with an environmental saving. The potential is extra large for properties where use and need vary over time.

Fredrik Wahlberg has a solid background in building automation and has since 2008 been active as an energy engineer and energy consultant. Today, he works as a salesman at Regin's certified Premium Solution Partner Systeminstallation that is based in Sweden. Systeminstallation develops software, systems and products that deliver solutions for energy efficiency and automation. Systeminstallation has worked with Regin's products and solutions since they were started in Varberg in 1998. Today, the company has operations in Gothenburg, Halmstad, Varberg, Falkenberg, Ängelholm and Skaraborg.

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