A drive for energy-efficient solutions in Kazakhstan

“Hi there Stefan Blom, Sales Director at Regin and head of the group representing SweHeat & Cooling at an event, where a Swedish delegation of companies specialized within district heating and cooling visits Kazakhstan to discuss sustainable energy solutions.”

Why Kazakhstan?

“During several years, Kazakhstan has experienced stable economic growth and there are great potentials for further economic development in the country. Kazakhstan has set high targets to diversify its economy away from dependence on the extractive sector and to make the economy more environmentally sustainable. One of the challenges facing Kazakhstan is to create energy-efficient solutions in both existing, as well as new installations. There’s also a large potential of cost-savings when looking in to leaking networks and improve meter reading.”

How can Regin contribute?

“We can help implement sustainable energy efficient solutions in buildings but also in district heating networks and sub-centers. Regin has already been doing several successful projects in Kazakhstan and we have local expertise supporting our customers. Overall, I’m very happy to be here since we need to cooperate on a global scale to reduce CO2-emissions. By sharing our knowledge and smart solutions for energy-efficiency between borders we contribute to a brighter future for our planet.”

Photo: From the left, Maxim Zarnitsyn, who works for Regin in Kazakhstan and Stefan Blom, Group Sales Director at Regin and Executive Board Member SweHeat & Cooling.